005: Stop going to the gym so much.

Stop going to the gym so much. You have my permission.

The fitness industry loves to keep you in the gym. But the truth is that you only need to go to the gym once every 10-14 days. You don’t need to performed eight sets of each exercise to enjoy muscle gain or fat loss.

The key is focusing to single set training and high intensity strength training.

This will get you maximum results, help with weight loss, and stimulate muscle gain. This will empower you to stop going to the gym so frequently.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to get maximum results from much shorter, less frequent workouts
  • Single set training is a fitness strategy, backed up science, that will quickly work your entire body
  • Slow lifting is the only way to activate all three types of muscle fiber and stimulate total muscle growth
  • Some muscle take up to 18 days to recover and grow stronger than before

Show Notes

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