004: Ketogenic Diet 101

The ketogenic diet is an incredible way to increase energy, loose weight, and decrease your risk of chronic metabolic issues – all while enjoying high fat foods like bacon, chocolate, butter, and heavy cream.

The main purpose of the ketogenic diet is to eliminate your body’s dependency on carbohydrates. By eating high fat, carb-free foods you’re increasing your body’s chemical ability to release stored body fat so it can be used as energy.

I’ve been on the ketogenic diet for over a year and I will never go back. I’m never hungry, I lose weight very easily (so easily that I have to make sure I’m eating enough food), and I’ve experienced great muscle growth.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • That a ketogenic diet shifts your body away from a dependency on carbohydrates to a dependency on fat
  • Your body functions much more efficiently on fat, and can more easily burn stored fat for weight loss
  • A ketogenic diet typically removes hunger pangs and makes you feel satiated
  • Removing grains from your diet can stop chronic inflammation in your gut

Show Notes

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