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aboutHi, I’m Matt Covert. 

I truly believe that the secret to life is having a surplus of energy – more energy, more fun, better work results, greater fitness results, overall success.

I want sustainable long term vitality, energy, strength, and a better physique.

Vitality is my favorite word. To me, it means…

  1. Having high levels of energy to kick ass whenever you need to, for as long as you want.
  2. Having strong, useable muscles and endurance to lastout everyone in whatever you love doing.
  3. Having a sculpted physique as a side effect of easy, fun, healthy choices.

It’s tough to get up off the couch when you’re always tired, have chronic health issues, and generally feel lousy.

It’s also tough to make yourself slave away at the gym, perform at 120% at work, and get around to the hobbies you love when you’re always at a loss for energy.

It’s not that you’re sick. It’s not that you’re too old. It’s not that your boss is driving you too hard.

It’s that you may be unknowingly doing specific things that are depriving your body of increased energy, larger muscles, endurance, and a great physique.

But a few simple tweaks in your life can change all that, including the way you sleep, the way you eat (hint: fat is good!), and the way you workout.


If It’s Not Enjoyable, It’s Not Right

Even after going through all the popular, grueling workouts (Insanity, Freakmode, Shortcut To Size, Body Beast, Blueprint To Mass, etc) and going through the typical cycles of cutting and bulking, I still wasn’t seeing impressive results.

On top of that, all the dedicated effort I put into these programs turned my love of fitness into a real chore.

It definitely wasn’t fun anymore…so what’s the point?

I’m not a body builder, and I don’t want to be. So why would I do all the things that body builders do?

The solution? A much easier, fun, whole health approach that give me better results, requires far less time in the gym, and produces much higher energy levels to kick ass.

Being healthy, building muscle, and getting the physique you want should always be fun.

If you feel like you’re constantly restricting yourself and missing out on things you love, you’re missing out on life.

If you don’t enjoy it, it won’t last.

The best long term approach to health and fitness is a low carbohydrate diet (even for athletes), less time in the gym, lots of rest, and more time and energy to go have fun.


Why is different.

I go to the gym once a week, eat a ketogenic diet, have huge amounts of energy, have plenty of time for fun, and am looking forward to a long life full of vitality.

All of the things that I share with you are readily backed by dozens of scientific studies and research papers.

That’s one of my favorite things about this website.

Unlike a lot of health and fitness resources that vamp on opinions and “general knowledge”, I make the extra effort to relay high quality information derived directly from trustworthy scientific research.

(You can always scroll to the reference section at the bottom of any article to see which study or research is being cited.)

I’ll happily point out that I’m not a doctor and have no formal medical training beyond Emergency Medical Technician.

But since the things I teach, and implement into my own life, are sourced (with citations) directly from leading expert researchers, you can just think of me as the delivery guy.

That being said, I will always be quick to draw from my own experiences (after all, you are the greatest, most comprehensive experiment you’ll ever partake in) to share what works best, and what doesn’t.

There are many high-level, remarkable resources that will help you live the healthiest, liveliest, happiest life.,, and the Bulletproof blog are my personal favorites.

But even with such comprehensive info hubs so readily available, I find that there is a general lack of natural, long term health information that applies to what I love most:

  • Long term vitality
  • Building big usable muscles
  • Keeping a low body fat percentage
  • Having a huge energy surplus
  • Having fun and enjoying the process every single day
  • Doing everything naturally


Let Me Help Get You Started

Did you know that…

  1. Despite what everyone tells you, you CAN build muscle and burn fat simultaneously?
  2. Exposure to certain light frequencies are chronically draining you of energy?
  3. High intensity strength training is more effective than traditional weight lifting?


Let’s Connect!

My absolute favorite thing about this website is getting to meet new people and seeing what everyone is up to.

Please introduce yourself, I’d love to chat.

You can leave a comment on any post or send me an email directly at – I’ll always get back to you.

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