Thin Crust Pizza Dough (Grain-free!)

The two most common obstacles for switching to a ketogenic diet? Giving up bread and pizza. Happily, I have a solution to this problem: a keto-friendly thin crust pizza dough. (Don’t worry, the keto bread recipes are coming soon.) I frequently tell people that true health is supposed to be fun, simple, and completely delicious. Pizza, quite definitively, is all three of those things. If you’re miserable from all the typical restrictions that accompany dieting, you may want to consider going keto. This clever pizza crust is loaded with high quality… Continue reading

Keto Zuppa Soup

zuppa keto soup

There’s nothing like a warm bowl of soup made with fresh farm stand ingredients. This zuppa-style soup is full of delicious, high quality fats that fits perfectly into a ketogenic diet. By choosing meals that are low in carbohydrates, you’re doing your body a great favor by limiting the amount of glucose that has to be removed from the bloodstream. This allows your body to focus on other tasks that increase overall health. In addition, this zero grain meal helps eliminate inflammation inside your body, freeing up large amounts of… Continue reading

Hearty Ketogenic Chips

ketogenic chips

These delicious, crispy, ketogenic chips fall perfectly in line with a high fat diet. With less than 2 net carbohydrates per serving, you’ll be totally guilt free without resorting to greasy deep fried industrial chips. They also feature a high content of balanced omega 3 and omega 6 fats – a combination that can help increase brain productivity and boost focus, alertness, and cognition. And, thanks to the addition of flax and chia seeds, these low carb chips are laced with plenty of polyphenols – mitochondria boosting antioxidants to help increase… Continue reading

Dark Chocolate Cocomond Bars

dark chocolate

These delectable dark chocolate treats are not only delicious, but fall perfectly in line with a ketogenic diet – or any kind of low carb diet. It’s tough to rely on willpower alone. But with these unique chocolate-laden bars, you can happily indulge yourself while maintaining your ultimate, long term goals. After all, if it’s not enjoyable, it’s not sustainable. These low carbohydrate, high fat treats are perfect for one of those nights where cravings are persistent. But there isn’t anything in these bars that needs to be resisted. They’re… Continue reading

Polyphenol Rescue Party

The Polyphenol Rescue Party is a natural energy boosting drink. I recently created this smoothie to give myself a boost of natural energy after a three month long trip that took me across Maine, Hawaii, Guam, Alaska, back to Guam, back to Hawaii, back to Maine, and then to Seattle, Boise, back to Seattle, and then finally home to Maine. Needless to say – I was completely shot. Not only was I depleted of energy from enjoying various activities and work, my body was so confused about what time zone… Continue reading