The Ketogenic Diet: Ultimate Low Carb Diet For Weight Loss (And Much More)

ketogenic diet

Quick Summary A ketogenic diet reduces chronic inflammation, helps prevent leaky gut syndrome, and helps keep you away from dangerous genetically modified grains. It is scientifically proven to produce better weight loss results. It also reduces your overall hunger levels. Performance and muscle mass can be increased on a ketogenic… Continue reading

Magnesium Supplements: Better Muscle Recovery, Higher Energy, and Better Rest

magnesium supplements

Quick Summary Do you know if the world of supplements even applies to you? Magnesium supplementation causes better muscle strength, size, and, recovery. It can also improve your quality of rest. Magnesium is directly related to higher energy levels. Magnesium Supplements I typically let myself study in whatever area interests… Continue reading

It’s nice to meet you!

Hi, I’m Matt Covert.  I truly believe that the secret to life is having a surplus of energy – more energy, more fun, better work results, greater fitness results, overall success. I want sustainable long term vitality, energy, strength, and a better physique. Vitality is my favorite word. To me, it… Continue reading