Healthy Eating Strategies: 4 Easy, Unconventional Ways To Stay On Target

healthy eating strategies

Quick Summary A large percentage of food marketed as healthy is actually damaging our healthy eating strategies, along with our weight loss or muscle building goals. Being savvy and detecting hidden sugars in our potential food choices is a key to long term health. Higher quality sleep is directly related… Continue reading

4 Surprising Benefits Of Sleep That Will Improve Your Life

benefits of sleep

The Benefits of Sleep – Quick Summary Chronic sleep deprivation (5-6 hours of sleep per night) causes cumulative deterioration of memory, decreases in mood, general function, and sleepiness. Lack of sleep can hinder muscle recovery AND can cause you to lose weight – but primarily from muscle mass. Sleep deprivation… Continue reading

The Ketogenic Diet: Ultimate Low Carb Diet For Weight Loss (And Much More)

ketogenic diet

Quick Summary A ketogenic diet reduces chronic inflammation, helps prevent leaky gut syndrome, and helps keep you away from dangerous genetically modified grains. It is scientifically proven to produce better weight loss results. It also reduces your overall hunger levels. Performance and muscle mass can be increased on a ketogenic… Continue reading