019: Dirty weekend recovery – the triple threat powerhouse.

Let’s chat about your binge weekend recovery strategy. First of all, I think everyone should cut loose once in a while. It’s healthy for you to enjoy the things that life has to offer. But you have to know how to recovery quickly and get back in the game.

I recently went to a very important wedding and did all kinds of things to my body that I don’t normally do. We drank, stayed up all night, ate lots of food, and it was perfect.

But after the weekend was over, I did thing three things to recharge my energy levels.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • There are three simple and effective things you can do jumpstart your weekend recovery.
  • Hormesis is a state of defensive that can be used to improve mitochondrial function, improve your mood, and produce instant energy.
  • PQQ supplementation has a measurable effect on mitochondrial function.
  •  A saltwater shot can improve the volume of blood circulating in your body and deliver more oxygen to your organs.

Show Notes:

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