018: 4 keys to the polyphenol paradise.

What is a polyphenol? No, it’s not a drug. But it DOES have the same potency as a drug without any negative side effects. It’s a type of anti-oxidant which ramps up your mitochondria output, energy level, and chemically keeps you young and healthy.

4 Simple Ways To Increase Your Energy Levels TODAY

Eating a diet laden with polyphenol rich foods will help you stay energetic, produce new and younger cells, and keep you satisfied (because they’re delicious!).

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The top 40 polyphenol rich foods.
  • Polyphenols work as anti-oxidants because they help you fight against disease and unwanted substances.
  • They are directly related to how much energy your body produces.
  • You can use polyphenol rich foods to ramp up your energy before, during, and/or after an energy draining event.
  • Polyphenols help keep you young and reduces your risk of a plethora of diseases.

Show Notes:

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