017: Your personal vault of energy.

Tired? You need your own personal vault of energy.

There’s a strange and powerful relationship between money and your daily energy levels. They both work exactly the same way.

  1. Do you want to spend your money on fun things now, or retire a millionaire? Do you want to enjoy those Big Macs now or enjoy health and vitality later?
  2. Do you want to deposit your paycheck for later, or spend the whole thing today? Do you want to enjoy cookies today or increased energy levels when you need them tomorrow?

The secret to life is making a long series of simple decisions that improve your daily level of energy AND your long term health and vitality.

Delaying your gratification today will give you energy tomorrow and vitality for years to come. Start building your personal vault of energy right now.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Money and energy work exactly the same. You must make lots of small deposits before you can make a large withdrawal.
  • The only way to improve your life is to change your habits.
  • Food has the same chemical effect as drugs. Why not use your daily food intake to improve your energy and long term vitality so you don’t have to rely on drugs later?
  • Making poor decisions throughout your life alters your genes. If you have kids, you pass those lousy genes along to them.

Show Notes:

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