016: The Israeli method.

Pay attention: high fat diet news!

I just returned home from Israeli and was completely shocked at what I saw. Their culture revolves around a high fat diet and lots of movement. The result? Everything there is healthy, energetic, and fit.

Who knew that eating properly and moving your body could produce great results? Well, everyone knows that. So why isn’t everyone doing it?

I want to talk about 4 reasons you should consider eating like an Israeli and enjoy a high fat diet.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • America leads the world in weight loss product purchases AND obese citizens. The standard American diet obviously doesn’t work and it needs to change.
  • The Israelis eat a Mediterranean diet, which happens to be ketogenic/paleo. They also start each day with some kind of fitness – movement is a rich part of their culture.
  • The Israeli health method of delayed gratification is paying off for the entire nation.

Show Notes:

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