006: How EMF alters your body.

Electromagnetic frequencies from phones, wi-fi, and certain lights can change the chemistry inside your body and rob you of energy. With much of your body being driven by electrical impulses, an external electrical source (like EMF) can cause hormone imbalance, lack of sleep, and even weight gain.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The human body runs on electrical impulse. External electricity, in the form of EMF, can open and close electrical passageways and cause hormones and chemicals to flow into the wrong places
  • EMFs can cause headaches, poor cognition, leaking in the blood-brain barrier
  • The US government hasn’t re-evaluated EMF danger since 1996, when cell phones were carried in large bags
  • Your cell phone manual has a warning that says  you shouldn’t carry it on your person
  • What you can do to limit your exposure without upsetting your life

Show Notes

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